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Cutting-Edge Vent Cleaning Technology in Southwest, FL

The vent cleaning team at Fresh Air Solutions, utilizes best-in-class technology to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive vent cleaning service available in Southwest, FL. Our licensed and highly-trained team has access to the aiR+® XP air duct cleaning machine, which is specifically designed to provide better suction and cleaning ability than its competitors. Learn more about the features of our cleaning system, and then contact our team today to schedule your free in-home cleaning estimate.


What Are the Advantages of Our Cleaning System?

Your family’s health and comfort shouldn’t be trusted by just anyone. It’s imperative that you choose a vent cleaning company that has the right equipment for the job. Since 2011, homeowners have trusted us because we deliver exceptional results with the aiR+® XP air duct cleaning machine. There are a wide variety of features that makes our duct cleaning system one of the best options on the market, including:

Improved Vacuum System

The aiR+® XP’s powerful vacuuming system is built to break down even the most stubborn vent buildup. It uses two vacuum motors that are four horsepower each.

Easy-to-Use Design

The patent design ensures our technicians can access hard-to-reach spaces within your vent and angle the brush to ensure a complete cleaning.

Hose and Brush System

The aiR+® XP has a dual hose and brush system that easily dislodges stubborn buildup along your vent walls and quickly vacuums it up so it won't contaminate your home.


Our cleaning system offers a variety of designs, including lockable caster wheels, adjustable handles, and large-diameter rear wheels that allow it to maneuver to tight spaces within your home easily.

Choosing the Right Tools for the Job

When you need thorough vent cleaning services from a professional team, choose Fresh Air Solutions. Our technicians utilize the aiR+® XP to ensure that your home’s air vents receive a high-quality cleaning. The aiR+® XP offers a wide variety of best-in-class features so it can out-perform other vent cleaning systems. If you’re looking to improve the air quality in your home, contact the experts at Fresh Air Solutions for a free estimate.

Improved Air Quality for a Healthier Home